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    Leesburg Garage Door Repair

    Do not underestimate the importance of your garage door. Aside from protecting your car and whatever else you store in your garage from the elements, it also keeps your home safe and secure from burglars. If you start seeing a problem, call a Leesburg garage door repair specialist right away. Prevention is always prudent.  

    A garage door can experience different problems in its service life, but there are Leesburg garage door repair technicians available to assist you in determining the issues and resolving them. It is possible to fix some garage door issues by yourself, but you should always leave the major repairs to professional technicians who are trained to repair any garage door. Here are some of the common issues that you might experience with your garage door:
    Grinding or squeaking noises 
    Garage door opener problems –The opener could malfunction or needs replacement.
    Loose mounting brackets – Brackets could come loose over time due to constant use. You can fix them yourself by tightening them with a screw driver. If you are not sure about the issue, call a garage door repair company for professional assistance.
    Track problems – Dents, misalignment, and broken areas could be causing problems on your garage door. Dents can easily be fixed by hammering them into place, but misaligned and broken tracks may need the expertise of a professional garage door technician.
    Broken springs – Wear and tear can cause torsion springs and one-piece extension springs to break. Low-quality springs tend to break easily, too. Be sure to call a Leesburg garage door repair company like Clove Garage Doors for safe high-quality spring replacement.
    Broken panel – There are times when you do not have to replace the entire garage door when you only need to replace broken panels. Call GarageDoorLeesburgVA.Org at (703) 539-5343, so we can send our technicians to examine the damage and replace individual sections of your garage door.

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